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Drinkin’ Bros Podcast

Drinkin’ Bros is a comedy podcast starring Ross Patterson , Mat Best , Jarred Taylor and Vincent Vargas. The guys get together every week to hoist a few and talk about the pressing issues of the day OR just shoot the shit in true Bro fashion.

Ross Patterson approached Low Tide to see if we could help bridge the gap in geography to bring the ‘Drinkin Bros’ together for a podcast. Mat, Vincent (Rocco), and Jarred live in Texas where they run their business Article 15 clothing.  The group met in production for the upcoming film “Range 15” which Ross Patterson directed and produced.  Ross’ production company Street Justice Films operates out of Wilmington NC where Low Tide is located. Being a long time podcaster and enthusiast, I was thrilled by the opportunity to help out. Having been married to the military for 9 years, I love that these vets have such a vibrant community and I love being able to help them entertain the hard working men and women who serve. Its a great combination of music, military, film, entertainment and social irreverence.


Be sure to subscribe to Drinkin’ Bros Podcast on iTunes and “may you never drink alone again!”

Drinkin’ Bros is recorded (in part), edited and mixed at Low Tide Studio.  Other recording is done in residence in El Paso Texas.

Signal Fire


Signal Fire stopping by for the weekendIMG_2207Got into the studio with Signal Fire this weekend laying down some drums and bass for their next album.  I must say, we are off to a very, very solid start. I have admired these guys for quite a while and its been nothing but a pleasure making tunes with them. check them out on  facebook or reverbnation.

Low Tide Studio partners with Beats By Nate


Low Tide is excited to be partnering up with local hip hop producer Nate Naftzger of Beats By Nate over the coming months! Nate has been banging out beats down in Oak Island, NC and contacted me about arranging a space for artists who are working with his music

and as soon as I heard his beats and the caliber of MCs who he’s working with, it was a no-brainer.  If you’re trying to get together a hip-hop or R&B track, Low Tide has got you covered. We will be offering a package rate for artists looking for exclusive beats and studio time or you can contact Nate for beats if you’re trying to get on one. His work speaks for itself so be sure to check out his website at www.beatsbynate.com. or follow him on twitter @beatsbynate or instagram: BEATSBYNATE93.

Check us out on instagram!

Check us out on instagram!


Wilmington Podcast Network

Wilmington, let your voice be heard! Ever been told you have a voice for radio? Are you the leading authority on a specific topic? Do you and your friends like to talk for hours about absolutely nothing?! Wilmington Podcast Network WANTS YOU!! Low Tide Studio offers you a place where all your podcasting needs can be met. We provide all the gear needed, a willing and able engineer to edit your podcast and most importantly a safe, comfortable environment where you can let your creativity soar. Maybe you’ve tried podcasting at your house or with your phone (…ewwww). Get rid of that noisy background and let our broadcasting mics give you that professional sound you hear when you tune into the top podcasts on the market. Let us worry about putting the beeps on your F*&$ing rant and we’ll even put it on itunes for you! Show up, have fun, make your point and sit back while its delivered to your computer or smartphone. We want ALL FORMATS. We want ALL topics. Let the world hear whats on your mind!!
When you hear the quality of your podcast, we have no doubt you’ll be cranking out a weekly! Contact us for rates

Rachel Gore

I’ve been working with Rachel Gore for a few months and I must say, she’s absolutely a breath of fresh air! Rachel shows up to the studio and gives you take after take of great work. She’s a born performer. She’s also an accomplished songwriter. At the moment Rachel is concentrating on school but I have a feeling she will be a prominent fixture in our community of artists here in Wilmington for years to come!

4EverAll – Live at Low Tide

albumart_4everall2_200x200The much anticipated release of 4EverAll’s “Live at Low Tide” is now available for purchase! They were able to capture the magic of a live show here at Low Tide with everything from soft and soulful to down and dirty southern acoustic folk rock. If you ever have a chance to go see them live, you must. You will not be disappointed. For more info on their upcoming shows and more immediately, to purchase their new release visit http://www.4everall.com

George Hartner and the Super Tuesdays – Apologies Come Sunday

georgehartnerandthesuperWhen I first met George Hartner we were in the middle of a hurricane and had imminent tornado warnings. This is not a metaphor, mind you. It was a crazy day. I knew that anybody passionate enough to visit the studio in the middle of such a crisis had to have the kind of desire needed to make a great album. Over the course of the months that followed I came to know George and the incredibly talented line up that is the “Super Tuesdays” quite well. This project was such a pleasure from start to finish. Apologies Come Sunday is an album with something for everyone. I’ve grown to love the stories these songs tell and I hope you’ll have a listen!

Karen Kane’s Low Tide Collaboration

Low Tide is excited to announce that we will be working with Karen Kane on various projects in the coming months and hopefully the foreseeable future! Karen is one of the most accomplished producer/engineers in the greater Wilmington area. She’s been working with incredible talent since the 70’s and her experience as an engineer and instructor is an incredible asset to Low Tide. She will also be helping us make some improvements to our facility because no matter where you are at, Low Tide will always be committed to striving for the best production experience possible. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her and I know it will be a long and fruitful relationship!

Karen’s accomplishments are too numerous for me to list so please visit her website for more information.


2013 Demo Reel

The official 2013 Demo Reel for Low Tide Studio in WIlmington, NC. Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach’s source for professional audio recording since 1989

Finding highlights of a busy year at Low Tide was very easy. Keeping the demo at a reasonable length was challenging. Finding enough still photography for this video was exceptionally challenging. Most times I’ve got my hands full when clients are recording so a lot of my clients have great pics that I will most likely never see…If you have any pictures you’d like to share with us, I would be very grateful to have them!

So here’s a short video of some of 2013’s highlights. There are quite a few I had to leave out due to time constraints but know that we are extremely proud of each and every artist that chose to call Low Tide home last year! Thank you guys so much for your support! To prospective clients: we would love to record with you and are eagerly awaiting your call!


DJ Tomekk

tomekkThis past week I had the supreme pleasure of hosting one of the most (if not THE most) well known producers in Germany. DJ Tomekk (Thomasz Kuklicz) just happened upon our door step fresh off a flight from Berlin while visiting friends in the area. Having been a fan of his since a decade ago when his song “Iche Lebe Für Hip Hop” feat GZA was released, I thought I was in the twilight zone for a minute. I was immediately disarmed by his infectious enthusiasm for making music and his genuinely friendly nature. We tracked some vocals with his local talent, Albert but spent a majority of the time experimenting with ideas and completing previous songs. It was humbling working with someone who has accomplished so much in their career but was still so willing to give back in helping me learn some invaluable knowledge. It was truly a pleasure and we hope he’ll come back this way some time in the future!


TripleWide Kicks the Cinderblocks Out

TripleWide, the blues rock and funk group from Wilson, NC recently made their way down to Low Tide to begin the mixing process for their upcoming album. Due to geography, we’ve been working on this project for quite some time with a weekend session here and there. It’s grown by leaps and bounds and the final product will be quite remarkable given the overall amount of time spent completing it. This past weekend we were able to get the first pass of mixing done on all 10 tracks. That typically signals the immanent mastering and release. As long time friends, they are always a joy to work with. They have always had the talent and confidence it takes  to walk in and crush some takes. I cannot wait to provide a link for purchase! In the mean time, be sure to visit their facebook page to keep up with dates and releases!


Holland Revival

Holland Revival has really embraced the studio experience with their latest project “Chemistry” here at Low Tide. It has been such a pleasure watching these tracks grow from live takes to fully developed arrangements! Anyone will tell you, studio projects tend to take on a life of their own. This is a case in point. It’s always cool to watch my clients get past the horror of the “pass/fail” tracking period and start layering parts with the pressure off to build something beautiful. As of now, we are currently finishing mixing and moving into mastering and release which is very exciting. I’m really looking forward to posting links to where the album can be purchased. With respect to the artists I cannot give a preview but I trust they will have some good tidbits on their facebook page. Please be sure to check them out AND STAY TUNED FOR THE RELEASE!!! A very, very enthusiastic thank you to everyone in the group for pushing for perfection and letting me be a part of it.

https://www.facebook.com/Holland.Revivalholland revival

Lee Oskar Quick Guide Demo Videos with Randy McQuay

When Randy McQuay II gives me a call, I always know he got a killer project for us. True to form, I was thrilled to hear that he was putting together some instructional videos for leeoskarquickguide.com. Randy and I got in the studio with TK Thomas at Phenoptic Media and shot some really great educational material on how to get the most from the beautiful products that Lee Oskar is making. For those who don’t know, Lee is the Harmonica virtuoso that played with War and many, many other incredible acts. His harmonica’s are absolutely top quality and are renowned for their tone, clarity and durability. This project being A for V, it goes without saying that Randy and TK did the lion’s share of work on this project. I was just happy to tag along and help out. Mr. Oskar was kind enough to send me an engraved harmonica that I will always treasure (and fumble around on every time I hear low rider!)

Check out the videos and comments at the link below!


lee oskar

Jules Britt’s Grateful Dead Cover

Our dear friend Jules Britt stopped by the tide to do a cover of Grateful Dead’s “China Doll” for a dead cover competition. We’ve worked with Jules before for the Port City Christmas Jam album a few months ago, so we had no doubt she would bring the A game. Believe me, we were not let down! When she told me she was choosing China Doll I knew it would be challenging. When I asked her if she wanted to listen to the original before we started she mentioned she’s never heard it and didn’t want to. Her rendition is completely void of preconception which lends an amazing sense of originality. She truly did own it and I have to say, its one of the more stirring, haunting and beautiful pieces of vocal work we’ve done to date! Not only that, but kudos on the incredible work that was done for the video. It came out extremely well. Please watch and visit Jules on facebook for more info!



Straits Haven

We had the pleasure of recording Straits Haven’s fuller than full length Album recently and man!… Talk about a productive project. The guys ( and gal) came in for a full day and managed to complete 21 songs in total! Not only 21 songs, but multiple solid takes of most. I just wanted to say thanks to S.H. for being really easy to work with in the studio and doing an amazing job. They were even kind enough to humor some of my playing on a tune which a lot of fun. I’m unsure what the intentions are for the project in terms of distribution but I can definitely suggest, nay, implore you to check out their facebook page for single releases and info about upcoming shows!


Bootleg Dynasty Star News Interview

Wilmington Star News interviews Brad Lackey of Bootleg Dynasty about their upcoming album release “Moving at Night”. The album will be available December 27th and a release party will be held at Ziggy’s by the Sea starting at 9:00.  I’m really looking forward to hearing this album. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live a few times over the past couple of months and I’m certain they will be having a busy 2014! Great interview!

part 1: http://wae.blogs.starnewsonline.com/40160/interview-with-brad-lackey-from-bootleg-dynasty-part-1/

part 2: http://wae.blogs.starnewsonline.com/40164/interview-with-brad-lackey-from-bootleg-dynasty-part-2/

Randy McQuay II Farmer Foot Drum Demo

Randy is giving a demonstration of his new toys. He is playing a Cigar Box Guitar made locally in Wilmington by Richard Welsh and using the Farmer Foot Drum. Both of these instruments are hand crafted and beautifully made.
visit: http://footdrums.com/ to order or contact me personally about how to get in touch with Richard. This really came out amazing!

Back in the studio with Jason Ashby!

Jason Ashby is a local singer/songwriter/guitar/banjo/mando player who has been doing work at Low Tide since 2012. Jason has the gift of story telling with his music and I’m always amazed by how well he captures emotion and paints images with his lyrics. We recently worked on his song “missing pieces” which came out amazing. His banjo and guitar solos are beautiful. I’m chomping at the bit to release it so I can post a link.

His first song completed here at Low Tide was entitled “Moonlight & Gin” and it practically walked right out of our door and on to 98.3 The Penguin’s rotation. Give it a listen and you’ll be as excited as I am to hear his upcoming releases!

Rehearsal recording – $10 an hour!

Hearing yourself practice can be an extremely valuable tool. If your band is trying out some experimental changes and wants to hear what your fans are hearing, this will benefit you tremendously. Is your band extremely polished and you need a minimal demo? this will benefit you tremendously. If you would like to record a jam session or an audition, contact Low Tide Today! Rehearsal recording is a room mic set up and is far less polished than even a standard demo. Still, with a quality mic in a quality room with quality gear, the end product is very clean. Stop passing around youtube videos shot on your friends droid to show booking agents what you sound like. If you’re not quite at the level where you want to record a quality demo or album, this is perfect for you. Once you hear what your fans are objectively hearing, I feel confident you will be interested in a quality recording project. Here’s a sample of a jam that went down the other night. call me!

Sound Loop Drum Works’ Two Sided Tongue Drum

Aaron Hansen with Sound Loop Drum Works stops by Low Tide to give a demonstration of his 2 sided Tongue Drum. These drums are made by hand by Aaron himself locally here in Wilmington. The are also made from recycled propane tanks which is good for the environment. They are dynamite instruments and very affordable. Even if you don’t play percussion, they’re fun a hell to play! visit: www.soundloopdrumworks.com for more information on models, pricing and custom scale configurations!

Bootleg Dynasty promo at Low Tide


A few words with  Carolina Music Award “Americana Artist of the Year” Bootleg Dynasty, about upcoming projects. These guys were amazing to work with. Not only did they come prepared, but they were very understanding about my fatigue. All round class acts. Really looking forward to hearing their album release at Ziggy’s by the Sea on December 27th at 9:00pm. You’re missing out if you haven’t already checked them out!

Trey Herring’s Carolina Bourbon

Trey Herring is the co-founder of the Port City Christmas Jam and he was nice enough to donate a bottle of whiskey to the project. I was blown away with the job he’s done. I was such a fan that I’m afraid to say I was one of a few people to get to try it! WE NEED ANOTHER BOTTLE TREY! Be sure to look out for it next time you’re at the ABC store.

Trey Herring’s Carolina Bourbon:


Good Vibes Brewing

As the founder of the Port City Christmas Jam, Paige Snow with Good Vibes Brewing made sure that Low Tide was completely stocked with an assortment of amazing beers. I tried every single one that he brought and they were all excellent! Good Vibes lives up to its namesake by being community driven and making sure that charity is a priority. Support local businesses and especially ones with quality products and look for Good Vibes next time you’re thinking about having a cold one!


The Port City Christmas Jam Album 2013

The Port City Christmas Jam Album is finally complete. The initial scope of this project was to record 8 local acts and mix and master for a polished album in 5 days. For those of you familiar with the recording process, you understand how challenging if not impossible that is. The album generated such a local buzz because its proceeds go to Nourish NC which feeds local children here in New Hanover County. So with increased awareness the project grew to a total of 12 acts. We still had to have this thing out the door ASAP for radio promo for the Christmas Jam on December 7th. We managed to pull it off in 7 days. The production team was working practically 24 hours a day. The bands had a 3 hour slot to come in, set up, get miked, get takes and tear down. Many hours are spent in studios getting the kinks out. The fact that we pulled this off speaks volumes about the talent that came through Low Tide’s doors. Every came in well prepared and gave amazing performances. I’m still surprised we didn’t have any major technical issues but I guess I can give the studio a pat on the back. Now I’m riding around in the car listening to all this great material being played on the radio and I’m extremely proud to have accomplished such a great project that will feed kids, support local music and give back to Wilmington.

Special Thanks to Nourish NC for all that they do for our community. Please Visit www.nourishnc.org and give as much as you can. Your donation is needed and appreciated!

Thanks to our local talent:

Mac & Juice Quartet, Randy McQuay, Dane Britt & Taylor Lee, Jesse Stockton & Moonlight Co., Crissie McCree, Phantom Playboys, Bootleg Dynasty, Sean Richardson, Jules Britt, RootSoul Project, No Dollar Shoes and Massive Grass.

Special thanks to Conny Nelson for donating a track by the legendary William “Paco” Strickland. Working with his material is an honor.

Special Thanks to the production team:

Paige Snow with Good Vibes Brewing, Trey Herring with Trey Herring’s Carolina Bourbon, TK Thomas for assisting me in engineering and video production, Randy McQuay for your indispensable session playing,  talent wrangling  and last but certainly not least Rob Weston with Great Magnet Recording for mixing 14 tracks in 2 days! It was an honor working with you guys and your dedication to this project is what made it happen.

Port City Christmas Jam

Check out the Port City Christmas Jam, recorded at Low Tide!


From Facebook:

Port City Christmas Jam was founded to bring Wilmington, NC local businesses and Artist together for one love filled day of season kickoff party for a good local community cause.

On Saturday, December 7th, 2013 the city of Wilmington has a chance to slow down and enjoy the holiday season at the first annual Port City Christmas Jam event, featuring an array of activities for the whole family. The event will be held at the Coastline Convention center, located at 501 Nutt Street, from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. The whole community has gathered behind this event to provide an arr…See More

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